The Water Shoes Olympians use During the Triathlon

Water shoes are not the one swimming item that you could do without. However, to some, they are important as they help save time on getting dressed during a triathlon. Let’s take a quick look at the water shoes Olympians used during the event.

water shoes

Are Water Shoes necessary?

Here is the thing about triathlons. Since the competition was introduced as an Olympic game in 2000, the distances and regulations had to be established and formalized. The triathlon being sprinting, biking, and swimming is really hard, strenuous and a high-demand sport.

The clock begins to run the moment sprinting begins and it does not stop until the very end of the almost-two-hour competition. Now, do you need to change shoes? Yes, of course. It has been established that the time you take to change your shoes is pivotal and can decide if you win or lose the race.

Those are precious seconds that can make the difference between the first and second place. Sometimes, athletes just remove their sprinting shoes and hop on the bike who already has the proper shoes attached to the pedals. Then comes the time to put on the water shoes to get into the water.

You are thinking at this moment if it is not enough to just jump into the water without water-resistant shoes. The truth is that the logic makes sense.

What do Rules Say

There is no specific mention of the use of water shoes in the rules of the Olympics. The AAC only mentions the following:

Illegal Equipment. Any swimmer wearing any artificial propulsion device, including but not limited to fins, gloves, paddles, or floating devices of any kind shall be disqualified.

It does not mention water shoes specifically, so we are guessing they do not fall into this category since they do not really provide any advantage.

What do Olympians Really Use?

Some Olympians decide to use water shoes as they feel it provides them with more comfort in the water. There is truly no aerodynamic advantage in using his tennis shoes.

While most of them will do their triathlon swimming on their bare feet, others do take the time to quickly change into water shoes.

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